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Telecom Systems Integration and Rollout specialists (JC: 93183)

Brief Job Description:
  1. Specializes in deploying BSS and OSS stacks into different environments from test to integration to pre-production to production
  2. Designs the deployment architecture and sizing for deployement in different environments
  3. Ensures performance and availability of Telecom BSS and OSS integrated stack
  4. Accountable for end-to-end integrity of applications and data in different environments
  1. 10+ yrs.
Key experience to search:
  1. Prior experience of migration in Telecom mobile operator domain is a must
  2. Must be well experienced to create deployment architecture of BSS and OSS stacks in different environments
  3. Must have proven significant experience of systems integration and rollout under very tough deadlines
  4. Should have very strong roots in systemadministration and database administration.
  5. Platforms of interest: CRM - Siebel, Billing - Oracle BRM, Comverse Kenan, Intec Singleview
Location: Bangalore, Gurgaon

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