• Would you like to build your career with one of the best IT companies in the world?
  • Do you have what it takes to innovate technology beyond imagination?
  • Are you ready to work hand in hand with the next generation of IT leaders?

Ascent, Wipro's global technology and engineering campus hiring program is for bright, self-driven graduates, eager to launch a career of upward mobility in Technology. You will be surrounded by the best emerging talent from some of the most respected colleges and universities. You will continue to refine your knowledge and skills by participating in a comprehensive training program to prepare you for client projects. After you complete your initial ramp-up training, you will join a client project and begin to apply your talent as a part of a Wipro delivery team.

Beyond these initial projects, this program will offer opportunities to participate in international projects which involve supporting Wipro's portfolio of global clients.

We expect you to apply your strong academic and vocational skills to bring value to our clients. Wipro offers a compelling career path as you gain industry exposure and real-time practical knowledge, while working on global teams. At Wipro, we believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey. We promote an open culture and continuous professional development combined with encouraging feedback and mentoring from each other.

In this exponentially changing world, the key to doing business better is to master new technologies, and develop the skills to effectively innovate and create breakthrough solutions to transform business.

So why join Wipro's Ascent program?

As one of the selected graduates, you will be given the opportunity to work on complex projects for one of the biggest names in the industry. In fact, Wipro works with majority of the Fortune companies around the world. For example, when you next board a flight anywhere in the world it would be Wipro that analyses and manages all that data. You will have the chance to work alongside, and pick the brains of, experts in different industries. Our Ascent Program is all about learning, developing and growing your practice and teamwork. You'll be involved, be stretched and, just as importantly, be trusted. You will be challenged with early responsibility on complex projects for big-name clients. Joining Wipro through Ascent, provides a pathway to your career in Information Technology.

Collaborating for growth

Wipro is firmly committed to a strong industry-academia collaboration program which is mutually beneficial. We engage with multiple stakeholders on campus, including students, career services, faculty & management in various development programs and other initiatives.


Our primary focus is on technical development and soft skills, in addition to corporate readiness training for every Ascent employee that we on-board at Wipro. We also conduct cultural awareness, continued technical training lab work and community engagement.


Wipro faculty is continuously updated on emerging technologies and corporate trends. They are also honed in communication, presentation and facilitation skills to be better mentors for every new joiner.


We have forged close relationships with many premier colleges and universities offering Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology degree programs which include long-term, mutually beneficial plans.