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Wipro will mobilise you from the campus to your professional career in information technology. Wipro values those who have a genuine passion for technology and a desire to work in a customer-centric environment. At Wipro, we know that a part of our strength and success tomorrow, lies in the investments that we make in graduates from local colleges and universities today. New employees joining through our undergraduate hiring programme, Ascent, will experience the next generation of technology focused careers unfolding at Wipro in UK, supporting our customers, and giving back to local communities.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

We're looking for future leaders. Idea generators. And strategic thinkers. Put your degree and skills to work. We'll help you build the roadmap to your career – If you have passion, a brilliant mind and an appetite to grow every day, this is the place for you. If you are interested in exploring the Ascent Programme at Wipro, check with your career centre or apply directly through the link below. Feel free to write to natasha.scheiblecker@wipro.com for any questions you may have.

We have opportunities to gain experience and work in the following 9 key business areas:

  • Cognitive Computing
    Tackling artificial intelligence (AI) head, heart and hands-on through unstructured data, statistical extraction of entities, machine learning, natural language processing, heuristic algorithms and search.
    You'll get full training in HOLMES, our artificial intelligence platform, a rich set of cognitive computing services for the development of digital virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, knowledge virtualisation, robotics and drones.
  • Blockchain Engineering
    We need engineers who are familiar with the technologies behind distributed block chain ledgers and have deep experience in cryptography, distributed systems, hash algorithms, and more. You should be excited about working in teams that are applying blockchain technology to develop applications such as trading platforms, secure identification cards, self-executing contracts, and trust-based distributed applications across industries.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    The Internet of Things presents huge opportunities for helping our clients to manage their businesses. It is estimated that by 2020, 26 billion items will contain computer chips, each wirelessly connecting devices to the internet to record every aspect of life.
    This requires practical skills in designing and managing delivery of complex solutions involving IoT, M2M, cloud, security, professional services, and SaaS," in addition to "technology pre-sales and consulting skills."
  • Business Intelligence
    Are you mad about data? Do you want to work in an environment that is relevant to all business sectors and will always be needed come rain or shine?
    Data design, Data Discovery Platform (DDP) configurator, data analytics are crucial to companies that require someone to analyse and make conclusions (about the) data. Ultimately resulting in the use of data to create the insights used for prescriptive guidance.
  • Digital Engineering
    Are you the sort of person that wants to design the next new ‘human-shaped technology enabled experience' or would you prefer to channel your energy into solving complex ‘stuff'? Don't worry! There's room for both in our Strategic and Design teams in our Digital organisation.
    We need you to combine your design and development capabilities. Design skills include UX/UI design. Consulting and facilitation skills enable co-creation of integrated solutions.
  • Digital Testing
    Do you like to challenge, test and play devil's advocate?
    Companies across all industries need QA engineers to design and execute automated software testing processes and make sure new products work before being released to the public.
  • Technical Administration
    Are you ready to keep the engines running? If you like variety and want to be the ‘hero' of the day, then this could be you:
    You could be doing anything from administering, monitoring and supporting internal/ external networks, servers, email, database and security systems to analysing systems and making recommendations to improve performance as well as acting as a liaison between users, outside suppliers, and other technical teams.
  • Business Analysis
    Do you have an enquiring mind that is always on the lookout to find ways to do things differently?
    You will facilitate translation of business and functional requirements into technical Business Requirements Documents (BRD) and Change Requests (CR). You'll need strong skills in facilitation, consulting, and communication and might find yourself.
  • Cyber Security
    We're not looking for the next James Bond, but then again, maybe we are... With the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks, you'll use the latest machine learning algorithms and platforms to cull evidence, understand and counter potential threats from, as well as traditional security information and event management systems.
    You will determine possible causes of such alerts and provide timely detection, identification and distinguish with benign activities and false positives.

Programme eligibility criteria

  • Recently Qualified Graduate or Final Year Graduate ideally in a technology related discipline with a focus on IT
  • 2:1 degree or equivalent (however we will consider a 2:2)
  • A valid UK or EU passport or Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK
  • Flexibility and willingness to travel to client sites

An Ascent Graduate must be

  • Those who can dream, design, build and eventually run people-centred product/service experiences for our portfolio of clients in the UK and the rest of the world.
  • People who are ready to take on the challenge of working in cross-functional, cross-discipline teams with some of the best engineering and technology talent.
  • Ready to take up roles carefully crafted for graduates into our UK hubs who are prepared to learn fast, make connections, have fun and get things done.
  • Great communicator, who is able to say ‘No' as well as ‘Yes', and has the courage and conviction to challenge. One who is unafraid to have difficult discussions; open in the way you share knowledge and learning.
  • People's person who can oneself in the shoes of others; understanding how to get the best out of people; empathy and respect for people who are different and work differently to oneself.
  • A thought leader, because you might still be in the formative stages of your career, but we want you to be inspiring and able to turn your ideas into reality. You might already have established yourself as the ‘go-to' person in some field or discipline at university.

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Locations : London, Sunbury-on-Thames, Reading, Solihull, Leeds, Norwich, Southampton, Edinburgh

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