We believe that there is no replacement to

diverse learning - you have to keep moving and

keep learning

About Cohorts Program

We believe that there is no replacement for diverse learning - you have to keep moving and keep learning. Our cohorts program involves two years of unparalleled exposure to different facets of Corporate Finance through specially designed academic trainings and planned job rotations. It aims to groom new talents by sharpening their technical knowledge, fine-tuning their soft skills and broadening their view through collaboration in group projects.

By the end of your second year in Wipro, you would have played two different roles in the Finance organization in addition to the academic experience and would be more experienced than any other Finance professional in the industry. The exposure to different roles include Financial Planning & Analysis, Taxation, Controllership, Treasury & Investor relations, Business Analytics, Internal Audit, Pricing and Contract Review etc.

As part of the academic curriculum, you will

  • Attend technical sessions by industry experts and academicians.
  • Go through case studies based learnings where you solve real-world problems.
  • Pick up soft skills that will help you do an excellent job.
  • Above all, work in groups, network with peers and leaders in the Corporate Finance team.
  • By your second year, the curriculum comes to a conclusion. However, we see you through in your future roles as well.

Program Content

  • International Finance
  • International Taxation
  • Business Accounting
  • Wipro Way
  • Data Analytics

Development of behavioral competencies is one of the critical success factors for working in a global organization. Therefore, we have for you a series of specially tailored programs developed by Wipro’s Talent Transformation team. In these modules, you will get ample opportunity to learn through Experiential Learning programs on communication, problem-solving & analytics and collaboration.

Five Points about the

Cohorts Program

Recruitment & Onboarding

1. Recruitment & Onboarding

Look out for our announcements on the Campus Hiring and apply to us. Once you clear the rigorous selection process, we will make an offer to you to join this program. The 3-day induction is designed to give you an overview of the company and interact with top leaders of finance. We’ve also designed ice-breaker activities to enable you to bond with your new colleagues better.

Classroom Sessions

2. Classroom Sessions

Your Cohorts sessions start within three months of your joining. The classroom sessions for technical and soft skills are scheduled over the period of two years. We aim to make the classroom sessions interactive in the traditional Indian way of imparting education – the way a Guru teaches a Shishya. The idea is to give you a perspective of the practical situations faced in the industry.

Group Projects

3. Group Projects

Each technical session has a project work that you are supposed to do in a group. A group of 6 Cohorts typically work on a practical problem (a case study) & solve it. You are helped in this by a mentor assigned to each group; typically a senior manager in the finance team. The output of your group project is presented to a panel that evaluates & ranks each group. The toppers get a special lunch with the CFO, where the CFO gets to know them better & they can ask their questions.

Birds of a Feather

4. Birds of a Feather

You will have the opportunity to pick up topics of your interest and develop skills (even diverse ones such as foreign languages, programming and public speaking). The concept is that of a self-organized learning environment, where you form study groups and develop these skills guided by a mentor.

Role Rotations

5. Role Rotations

In the two years of your Cohorts program, you get to see two roles. This gives you a wide exposure of the finance function quickly and it prepares you for a fast-paced learning and career development.

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