Driving the Spirit of Wipro across the globe

Corporate Functions are the backbone of Wipro, serving not just business partners but also taking on the vital role of supporting the company, and its varied businesses, across the globe. Corporate Functions include domains ranging from Human Resources to Financial Functions; and employees serve in different capacities with a wide-range of responsibilities. Whichever role you choose; rest assured, you will be a part of a team that shares a commitment to excellence.


The Global Operations group comprises of the following six functions -

  • CMF (Central Materials Function): This group handles all the material (bonded and non-bonded) going in and coming out of all Wipro facilities. They maintain an inventory of all IT and non-IT materials and manage the same. They also handle the relationships with government agencies like the customs department, etc.
  • FMG (Facilities Management Group): FMG handles and maintains all the facilities available in all Wipro campuses. FMG also handles the transport facilities in Wipro.
  • ICG (Infrastructure Creation Group): This team works on all upcoming Wipro facilities. They get involved from the stage of acquisition of land and government approvals up to the creation of the building and facilities and then hand it over to FMG.
  • International Operations: This team does the job of FMG in locations outside India.
  • Global Security Group (GSG): Handles the physical security of all Wipro locations.
  • Travel and Hospitality: This function handles all travel bookings and accommodation bookings for all employees across Wipro on business travel.


Finance handles the Financial Planning of the organisation and works on strengthening the commercial savviness of the business finance team for better deal structuring. Finance is responsible for driving the cost management initiatives to improve profitability, reduction of cost of delivery and initiatives to achieve operating margin % plan. In addition, Finance establishes a comprehensive risk management system that proactively identifies potential risks to formulate appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Finance supports Business in -

  • Enhancing the quality of decision making with incisive analysis and advocacy to achieve business goals.
  • Interacting with Analysts and Media to advocate, facilitate and enable success in Large Deals
  • Driving Margin Improvement through structured MIS and reviews.

Legal & Compliance

The Legal team of Wipro is responsible for Ethics & Statutory Compliance across geographies. They have a focused Program for Immigration Compliance in US, UK, KSA & Australia and also roll out the Code of Business Conduct policy. This team handles all kinds of disputes on Wipro's behalf. They intervene in early stages to minimise impact including mediation & settlement negotiations. They also get involved in contract negotiations with customers and SOW reviews. They manage the patent & Trademark Portfolio for Wipro. Employee grievance redressal system - Ombuds and PSHC are also part of the Legal team.

Human Resources

At Wipro, we believe our employees are our most valuable asset and we lay great stress on the Human Resources department, as it is their endeavors that provide structure, stability and talent to the organisation.

Some of the main roles of this department include -

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Compliance
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits

Are you the right fit?

At Wipro Corporate Functions we seek enthusiastic individuals who are committed to excellence. The following attributes are preferable -

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Outgoing and appreciate different cultures
  • Open to change and innovation
  • Proactive with a drive for results
  • Ability to think analytically
  • Ability to facilitate discussions and analyses
  • Works well as a team player
  • Functions in an orderly and focused manner in uncertain situations

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