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There are no standard rules for writing a resume, but there are certain methods you can employ to catch the eye of a recruiter. First and foremost, do ensure the broad parameters of good resume writing and basic grammar are kept in mind. The presentation of your resume may not necessarily get you the job but it will definitely get you a fair chance of being noticed.

Here are a few 'LLESSONS' that should set you on the right path

Legibility so that your resume is easily readable. Make sure the font you use is easily legible. Normally you do not go below 11 and greater than 12 points while fonts such as Arial or Times are the most widely used.

Lead on well. When a recruiter opens a CV on a computer screen, it is natural that only the first half of the resume is seen. So ensure that the most important details pertaining to the job requirement is visible on that half. Facts about your job description, technologies mastered, your achievements, etc. should come to the fore.

Emphasise on your achievements more than responsibilities. Achievements are a manifestation of your responsibilities and gives more thrust to your candidature. Make sure that your accomplishments are substantiated with ‘numbers’. Numbers give accurate standing to what you have achieved and gives the recruiter hard evidence of your capabilities.

Short & Sweet steals the show. There are no guidelines to the number of pages a CV must contain, but a recruiter should not find your CV tedious reading. A concise, well-worded resume is bound to gather more attention as it reduces the task of searching through the document for the pertinent skills required for the job in hand.

Objectives must be short and precise. Let it contain your specific goals and don’t get carried away by trying to flower it with adjectives. Make sure the objective supports the rest of your resume.

Nitty-gritty details matter, so pay attention to the finer points of resume writing. Do not use pronouns such as 'I' or 'me' as it tends to sound pompous. Also, avoid an overdose of personal data (such as hobbies) unless it is related to the job. The most common of resume formats is the 'reverse chronological' type which gives the recruiter an easy look into the employment history of the candidate starting with his most recent job.

Second opinions do matter. Do ensure another person reviews your resume before it is sent to the company. There are high possibilities that the individual might spot errors you might have missed.