In Japan, companies are in the midst of a business transformation boom and are on the lookout for new initiatives that can help them shape their business beyond the traditional boundaries of their industry. Digital transformation acts as a prime catalyst for a change of this magnitude.

Since its inception in 1998, Wipro Japan has been providing solutions to domestic and multinational companies, which includes IT consulting, system integration, product engineering solutions, BPO (business process outsourcing) and global infrastructure services.

The most defining feature of our work, is being able to provide best possible solutions that deliver accuracy and speed – two conflicting elements. Our priorities on ‘productivity’, makes this possible.

With in-depth industry knowledge and expertise accumulated from a team of over 170,000 global employees and the new strategic design solution provided by Designit, a new member of Wipro Global, Wipro Japan will remain your partner for evolving business transformation for years to come.

Value Proposition
Wipro helps customers globalize and adopt the latest innovations and technologies to enhance their competitiveness.
We are committed to helping organizations in their globalization journey through the application of our expertise, collaboration and efficiency backed by global delivery capabilities.
We help our customers enter new markets, by utilizing our in-depth knowledge of complex transformational projects and through the standardization of processes.

How Wipro Helps
By supporting organizations in their goal of Globalization.
By enabling companies to improve their scalability, agility and sustainability of IT.
By delivering industry solutions across latest technology platforms like Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud


Key Enablers

Our in-depth knowledge of Japan's business operations has helped us in creating solutions that enable customers' enterprises to become agile and efficient.

Advanced Technologies
Focus on services to harness the power of disruption created at the intersection of technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Social, and smart sensors

Our unique service offering helps our customers to repurpose and optimize technology investments, create seamless customer experiences, and transform businesses.

We strive to constantly achieve and maintain a collaborative workspace amongst our customers, employees, partners and the local community.
By localizing our team structure, we have aided and enabled our global team members to better adapt to the Japanese culture.
Emphasis on creating a strong local team with local leadership in place.

Regional Leadership
A dedicated regional leadership structure to serve our customers better with best-in-class industry-specific capabilities, technology assets and business processes.

We strive to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction levels by building a strong talent pool and ensuring seamless delivery and business continuity.


to accelerate your career & enjoy a host of benefits.

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