At Wipro, we rely on our global experience, industry expertise and demonstrated capabilities, to create best-in-class solutions, to help our Canadian clients achieve operational excellence. Our in-depth research and understanding of the Canadian markets, has not only equipped our clients with best-practice-based solutions but also enabled them to propel ahead in their respective industries.

With an unwavering commitment to Canada, we have steadily grown our investments and workforce, to ensure that we have in-market expertise and are easily accessible by our clients.


Wipro’s Promise

Wipro is recognized globally as a leading business solutions provider not only because of our demonstrated capabilities, but because of our promise and commitment to our customers by delivering:

Business models and partnerships that drive value for our clients:

  • Managed services and processes
  • Defined and committed price relationships for large scale complex projects
  • Compelling and innovative offerings which create sustainable client value
  • Continuous improvement, automation, innovation & business outcomes
  • Successful client relationships and effective governance
  • Industry-led value propositions that address our clients’ business priorities
  • Industry expertise abreast with industry priorities
  • Strategic partnerships for go-to-market and business solutions


Diversity & Inclusion

Wipro is committed to creating an accessible environment that enhances the overall workplace and contributes to the productivity of all our employees, customers and customer’s customers. We firmly believe that each individual must be treated equally, with dignity and respect. Socio-cultural integration and equal-opportunities, are for us, business must-haves and are integrated in every approach of our work. We are committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities, in a timely and sensitive manner, and will continue to do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility.

Our standards meet the accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("AODA"). Wipro proudly embraces all the principles of the Act across all our Canadian office locations.

The requirements of the AODA are consistent with Wipro’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Framework. We endeavor to create an accessible community for all those who work at Wipro, visit our locations, or access our goods and services. The Wipro employees in Canada are required to complete an Accessibility Learning Program in order to ensure that their interactions and practices meet the provincial accessibility standards.

You can find more information on Wipro’s Accessible Customer Service Policy and our Multi-Year Plan in Canada under:
Multi-Year Accessibility Plan:- https://www.wipro.com/content/dam/nexus/en-CA/pdfs/multi-year-accessibility-plan.pdf
Accessible Customer Service Policy:- http://www.wipro.com/documents/Accessible-Customer-Service-Policy.pdf


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