Ascent US

Wipro will mobilize you from the campus to your professional career in information technology. Wipro values those who have a genuine passion for technology and a desire to work in a customer-centric environment. At Wipro, we know that a part of our strength and success tomorrow, lies in the investments that we make in graduates from local colleges and universities today. New employees joining through our undergraduate hiring program, Ascent, will experience the next generation of technology focused careers unfolding at Wipro in US, supporting our customers, and giving back to local communities.

Selection process

Wipro recruiters visit campuses to meet with you and your fellow graduates. We also engage through digital recruiting methods. The selection process includes a detailed verification of your academic credentials and any work experience you may have gained. You will also be interviewed by a panel of senior Wipro leaders. If you are selected, you will be offered the opportunity to join Wipro, after you graduate. If you are interested in exploring the Ascent Program at Wipro, check with your career center or apply directly through the link below.

Work with us

You might be the one we are looking for! Become a part of Wipro, and discover a world of new and exciting opportunities.