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We believe that there is no replacement for diverse learning - you have to keep moving and keep learning. Our cohorts program offers unparalleled exposure to the different facets of Corporate Law through specially designed academic training and on-the-job experience. It aims to groom new talent by sharpening their legal knowledge, fine-tuning their soft skills, and broadening their view through participation in group projects.

Why Choose Wipro’s Legal Program?

Legal Onboarding & Development


The program is intended to familiarise young lawyers in the team with the different functions/verticals at Wipro, the roles and responsibilities of each function, and the culture and work ethos of the organization.


Each fresher joining us from campus is assigned a mentor to guide them through Wipro’s internal processes and practices. Mentors also assist them in understanding their role within the Legal team.

Legal Career Progression Ladder

Above 15 YEARS

General Counsel Deputy General Counsel Associate General Counsel

6 - 5 YEARS

Corporate Counsel Senior Corporate Counsel

0 - 6 YEARS

Associate Corporate Counsel Senior Executive Counsel

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