El Espíritu de Wipro está en el centro de todo lo que hacemos

El Espíritu de Wipro es la base de Wipro. Estos son nuestros Valores. Es acerca de quienes somos. Es nuestro carácter. Está reflejado de forma consistente en nuestro comportamiento. El Espíritu está profundamente arraigado en la esencia inmutable de Wipro. Pero también abarca lo que aspiramos ser. Es la síntesis indivisible de los cuatros valores. El Espíritu es un faro. Es lo que nos da dirección y un claro sentido de propósito. Nos energiza y es nuestro estándar para todo lo que hacemos.


Gender inclusion

The Women of Wipro (WoW) programs are a framework for the inclusion of women in every stage of their life/career. The framework structures Wipro’s internal policies, processes, and initiatives that promote gender inclusion and empowerment.

Built on an innovative and unique “life-stage” based approach, our WoW programs are not a “one-size-fits-all” but have been tailored and customised to cater to the needs of women at every stage of their life and work.

Focused training and mentoring programs for women, networking opportunities with women leaders from across the industry, and inclusive policies and practices foster a gender-inclusive work environment at Wipro.



Begin Again

Begin Again is our Inclusion and Diversity [I&D] initiative for women who are looking to relaunch their career post a break – be it for a sabbatical, motherhood, elderly care, travel, passion, or any other personal reasons. The initiative enables talented women to explore career opportunities that will harness their potential and allow them to get back on track with the present demands of the industry. Some unique differentiators of the “Begin Again” program

Structured learning & enablement programs, Mentorship / buddy program, A network of extended support




Equal, Inclusive, and Proud

For the LGBTQ+ community at Wipro, our goal is to create a workplace and environment where they are welcomed, feel safe, treated with equal respect and acceptance and not subjected to bias. We have a comprehensive framework “Pride” that guides our initiatives and programs in this space- right from promoting an equitable workplace, reviewing existing policies, involving leaders, driving change through awareness sessions and engaging with the community and allies to build a strong network. Through our ERG, Wipro Pride, we aim to reinforce the importance of inclusion across the organization by creating a space where employees can share relevant information and best practices, meet other LGBTQ+ and Ally employees, discuss workplace concerns and more. Every June is celebrated as Pride month by Wiproites across the globe to recognize the efforts of the community and celebrate our support and solidarity for Pride.


Love, Inclusion,

Open-minds & Open Hearts

Change starts with each of us.
We are better together. Let's welcome our differences and celebrate each other.



Disability inclusion

We have developed a holistic program for the inclusion of employees with disabilities, which we refer to as the CREATE framework (Career, Recruit, Engage, Accessibility, Train, and Enable). This approach ensures timely career growth, equity, and equal participation without any discrimination. We recognise that while we empower Wiproites with disabilities (regardless of whether a disability is visible or invisible, present at the time of hiring or developed later), it is equally important to equip other stakeholders to “normalize” disabilities. We have a representation of over 578 employees with disabilities spread across seven geographies performing various job roles. They span 13 different disability types such as sensory, intellectual, psychosocial, locomotor, blood disorders, and so forth. Using an array of customised initiatives, supported by strong policies and procedures, we strive to eliminate social, attitudinal, environmental, infrastructural, and digital barriers to disability.


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