Chez Wipro, l'intégrité revêt une importance capitale

Nous recevons un certain nombre de plaintes de candidats à qui l'on propose un emploi chez Wipro contre un dépôt en espèces sur des comptes bancaires spécifiques. Ce sont des offres d'emploi frauduleuses. Tous les courriers Wipro adressés aux candidats comportent une mise en garde évidente contre les paiements frauduleux pour obtenir des emplois chez Wipro. Chez Wipro, beaucoup d'importance est attachée à l'intégrité et Wipro n'accepte aucune forme de rémunération de la part des candidats aux fins d'un emploi.

Caractéristiques communes aux offres d'emploi frauduleuses

Comment lutter contre les fausses annonces et les fausses offres Wipro

How can you spot a fake job offer?

Fake job offers have several common attributes:

  • They come from public email ids, not from email addresses with the domain “” or from unknown users on WhatsApp, Telegram or LinkedIn.
  • Fake offers also often claim to come from individuals acting as Wipro HR or a senior Wipro official.
  • They request a deposit into a designated bank account, as a security deposit and claim to reimburse the same amount upon joining Wipro. Remember: Wipro does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process and has not authorized agencies/partners to collect any fee for recruitment.
  • They will often call for the submission of 'qualification documents', 'experience certificate', or photographs to add authenticity. Remember: The Wipro Recruitment team does not request or require personal documents like bank account details, tax forms or credit card information as part of the recruitment process.
  • They will have numerous grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Many of them call for an interview at any Wipro offices to look genuine.
  • The contact address and phone numbers given in these emails are usually false.
  • When these scams are done via text messaging, the fraudsters mask their phone numbers to make it appear as if coming from somewhere in the USA. Remember: Wipro will not request an interview via any instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram etc., and our hiring process involves at least one interview (virtual or in person)

How can you tackle a fake Wipro job offer/ad?

If you receive such an email, report it immediately as spam. Do not pay/deposit any money or click on any link in the email. Do not share any personal documents without proper verification. If you are in doubt or unsure about the source of a job offer, visit the “careers” section on the Wipro website to verify the job offer or the application. Some of our requirements are announced using advertisements and web banners in leading publications and portals across the globe. A true Wipro advertisement will have our logo, a Wipro email ID and the URL of the Wipro Careers page.

If you have made a payment, lodge a complaint with the nearest police station so that necessary action can be taken against the imposters. Please know that Wipro is not obliged to honor any job assurances made by third parties in exchange for money.