Equal, Inclusive, and Proud

In February 2018, Wipro formally made LGBTQ+ diversity a pillar of the company’s inclusion and diversity programs. Wipro is proud to be one of a handful of leading companies headquartered in India to explicitly state its commitment to its LGBTQ+ employees. In April 2019, Wipro received a score of 95 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, the highest of any Indian-heritage technology company.


Over the past year Wipro has undertaken many initiatives to make the company more inclusive for LGBTQ+ employees and the community. These include:

This commitment is also represented through the establishment of Wipro Pride, founded in 2018, which is open to all Wipro employees. Wipro Pride leaders are based around the globe, including India, United States, and Europe and are focused on LGBTQ+ networking and community-building, ensuring favorable policies and benefits for LGBTQ+ employees, training and sensitization of the entire Wipro community, and LGBTQ+ recruitment, career development, and retention.

Wipro Pride Mission Statement:

Wipro Pride exists to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive environment at Wipro, with an emphasis on advancing the company’s commitment to nurturing LGBTQ+ talent around the world. Wipro Pride supports LGBTQ+ employees through ensuring a diverse and welcoming workforce, and connecting LGBTQ+ employees and allies through meetings and events that raise awareness of LGBT issues.

We support and guide you through every step of the journey


We connect with you and provide you with opportunities to get to know us and our career opportunities


We ensure a seamless hiring process guiding you along the way until your onboarding day


We identify your developmental needs and provide support and individualized training for career growth


Wipro offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits program to support your family


Veterans are our role models. At Wipro, we recognize, honor and celebrate you for your service

We are proud to partner with organizations that are helping military veterans transition into civilian career roles
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