Wipro helps North America do business better through industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services, a vertically-aligned business model, and persistent innovation. We harness the power of emerging technologies to create breakthrough applications and solutions that shape the future.

Committed to Hiring Local:
Wipro has a long and profound history of making strategic investments in the US and a steadfast commitment toward innovating near customers and building inventive products to support their growth. As part of our investments in the US, we are focused on creating United States jobs and tapping into the best local talent. This strategy of hiring local is extended to our efforts toward attracting next generation talent directly from college campuses across the US. Wipro has been able to successfully leverage our infrastructure and facilities coast to coast to continue to grow our presence in the US with local talent.

Flexible Infrastructure:
Wipro recognizes that to be fully aligned with our customers, we must be near them. To ensure we have the reach and the flexibility to address all their needs, we have made extensive investments across the country. Throughout the US, Wipro has over 40 facilities in 23 states. This includes Wipro’s four large-scale delivery centers in Dallas, Tampa, Indianapolis and Atlanta, along with an innovation center in the heart of Silicon Valley to display Wipro’s state-of-the-art solutions and engage with leading technology companies. Features at these centers include digital pods and rapid prototyping labs to increase collaboration and realize speed for our customers. Our strategy at each of these delivery centers is to provide our customers with the advantage of speed-to-market, access to new and emerging technology, and creating an environment where we can foster and enable incremental innovation. With this infrastructure and capacity, Wipro has successfully attracted local talent in any region and quickly scale to provide advanced solutions anywhere in the country.

Investing in the Community:
It is fundamental to Wipro’s principles to give back to the less fortunate in the community. We place a high-value on everyone having access to a quality education, and our charitable endeavors reflect this value. One such instance is Wipro’s creation of a partnership with the University of Massachusetts and the University of North Texas to educate teachers in STEM fields to become the leaders in these topics. This wide-reaching fellowship program will educate hundreds of teachers and impact thousands of students over the years to create a far-reaching improvement in STEM education at these schools. In addition, Wipro is collaborating with First Book, an organization whose goal is to supply books to low-income schools and underprivileged students across the country. Over the next three years, Wipro has committed to distributing over 250,000 books to support this initiative.

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